1. Trackless Unguided All-position Crawling Welding Robot
    2. Trackless Unguided All-position Crawling Welding Robot Trackless Unguided All-position Crawling Welding Robot is a kind of intelligent welding system that can automatically track welding seams without the need for guiding tracks, it is an extremely sophisticated system with combination of AI, algorithm, welding automation, Laser vision sensing, Multi-sensor integrated control and multiple condition adaptive technology;
      The new generation robot is capable of welding from 1 to 6G positions with turning capacity of spinning around 360 degrees, it is driven by caterpillar tracks, total weight of the robot is only 28.8kg but with max load of 60kg, it is integrated controlled by crawling mechanism, laser vision control system and more than 100 algorithms. It automatically adapts to gradual weld seam and sudden changes, it achieved for the first time on automatic crawling and weld seam tracking without need for tracks or programming, its Weld tracking accuracy reached ± 0.2mm.
    1. Trackless Unguided Pipe Welding Robot
    2. Trackless Unguided Pipe Welding Robot BOT-WTP27-121 is specially designed for automatic pipe welding, which can be applied to pipes diameters between 168mm to 1800mm. System is mainly composed of a crawler, a control cabinet, machine vision tracking system and welding load with no tracks or guide needed. Through machine vision tracking system, groove information such as weld width, throat depth and bevel angle can be acquired in real time to fulfill± 0.2mm precision automatic tracking.
Service and Support
  • Customized Welding Solution Customized welding solutions for large-scale structural parts can be provided by Bo Tsing Tech according to the welding object, welding position, size of the weld, etc.
  • Quality Assurance Our welding robots are certified by CE and CR certificate. In addition, Bo Tsing Tech has created its own quality standards which are higher than the national and EU standards...
  • Consumables Consumables in robotic welding are produced in our factory to be sure high quality and timely delivery.